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Information about PostNL

Do you buy stuff from outside the EU?

In the past, you only paid VAT and other customs clearance costs for a value of 22 euros or more. But now you always pay VAT. Even if the value is less than 22 euros. This has been determined by the EU. In the video we explain exactly how this works.

Customs clearance costs, what are they?

These are costs that you have to deal with if you buy something from a country outside the EU. Think of VAT, handling costs and perhaps also import duties. To determine what you have to pay, we declare your package at customs. We also call this ‘clearance’. Hence the name ‘clearance costs’.
Read more about customs clearance fees

Wondering what exactly you have to pay? That depends on the value of your package and whether you pay online or at the PostNL point.

Sending goods to the United States?

Then you have to prepare and frank your shipment online

International regulations for sending goods have become stricter. That is why the United States (US) will only accept goods from abroad if they know in advance what is in them. They want to receive this data digitally. This means that from now on you have to prepare and frank your package online.

Pickup times PostNL:

Monday to Friday: between 17:00 – 17:30

Saturday: will be picked up on Monday

Contact PostNL:

Customer service: 088 225 56 28
(10ct per minuut)


Useful Links:
PostNL Businesspoint:

As Businesspoint we transfer license plates.
You can also contact us for sending consignments, NAPO and Braille mail.


Post office:

You can send registered letters and packages with us.
This is possible within the Netherlands, but also abroad.
You can also contact us if you want to have a letter franked and sent.
We also sell stamps for the Netherlands and abroad.


Package point:

Packages that for whatever reason cannot be delivered to your door, are delivered to us, among other things. You can collect your package from us within 7 days, upon presentation of a valid ID and the pick-up receipt.


PO Boxes:

We also have several PO boxes available at two locations.
You can request a PO box via the PostNL website

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot withdraw money / pay bills with us.